Follows the tradition of pilot fake watches

The case material is stainless steel, and the size is 42mm in diameter and 17mm thick. Water resistance specification is 100m. Surface processing is not much different from existing ones. Focusing on satin brushed processing, only the edges are finished with polished processing to create a three-dimensional effect. The crown, which follows the tradition of pilot watches,replica rolex is as large as expected. You can easily operate it even while wearing gloves. On the side of the case, there is a start/stop push button at 2 o'clock, and a reset button to use the flyback function at 4 o'clock. The bezel rotates in both directions. You can use it as another timer by using the scale and minute hand engraved on the surface of the ceramic insert. The surface of the inverted triangle marker as the reference point, the square marker for 5-minute increments, and the Arabic numerals for 10-minute increments were painted with the same Superluminova luminescent material as the hands and indexes.
The movement is equipped with the new automatic chronograph caliber L791.4 jointly developed by Swatch Group's ETA and Longines. The frequency of vibration per hour is 25,200 vph and the power reserve is 68 hours. Thanks to the introduction of a silicon balance spring, it is not significantly affected by changes in magnetism or temperature. Based on its outstanding stability, it has even been certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Institute (COSC). Chronograph operation is controlled reliably by the column wheel. Judging by the movement structure and main specifications revealed through the back of the case, the new engine L791.4 is based on the existing caliber L688 series (28,800 vph per hour, 60-hour power reserve) by adding a flyback mechanism and lowering the frequency. I think the power reserve was increased to about 8 hours.replica audemars piguet The 12-hour counter and date functions have been omitted.
The main product will be presented in two lines, black and blue, with different colors for the dial and bezel insert. The strap varies slightly depending on the dial color. The black is paired with a brown leather strap and a beige NATO strap, while the blue is paired with a fabric strap of the same color. In common, you can match it with a metal bracelet. Each strap and bracelet can be easily replaced without any tools through the interchangeable system, just like the existing Spirit collection.
Regardless of the dial color, the Longines Spirit Flyback is priced at 6.1 million won for the leather and NATO strap version and 6.3 million won for the metal bracelet version.