EUROPE-to-ASIA delivery at low cost, specially for SME

We help your SME business with low cost all-in logistics service to manage export/import from Italy to Asia and South-East Asia (specialized in Malesia, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan). We realize how important for SME to do cost saving and do our best to ship any delivery at low cost and optimal speed.

4 PL system – 1 stop shop 360° Services

We take care of the entire logistic process on behalf of a business: national courier, quality control, pick-up, packaging, document management, local delivery, returns. We also consult the companies on the best way to export/import.

International Drop-shipping is the future of e-commerce

International single sales directly from supplier to client with no warehouse shall shape the future of e-com. We also do bulk transportation. AE Logistics is the first that does it taking care of all the proceses at low cost.


starting from 9,00 € for single box shipped from Italy. Ask us a quote!

What we offer Drop-shipping Services

Order management

We monitor the orders on behalf of our clients. We monitor what is going between the clients and suppliers so we can prevent that something goes wrong. We provide end-to-end delivery being inside of the whole process.

Quality control

Having received the goods from the supplier, our team shall do necessary checks on quality of the products to stop exporting faulty items and to avoid unhappy customers. This will save significant monies and time on customer relations management. We shall also check that prices tags are duly attached.


We repack each single products in single nice boxes to be send to the final client. We can also personalize the boxes with customized wrapping tape to add value to the product sold or add a welcoming flyer to the box. The pack is an excellent marketing tool to communicate with the client.


Given order information we shall print postal labels for each pack with the final customer details. When delivery arrives to the port of destination, each package shall be sent to the final client through local post without extra time or costs.

Invoice and Export Documentation

Our admin team takes care of all the export and import documentations. We manage CITES products in quick manner. We can also produce invoices and keep the account on behalf of our clients anywhere in the EU.


To reduce transportation costs we send the single boxes on a pallet. During this process we try to take advantage of any free space on the pallet to reduce the courier costs. This allow us to offer different prices for different volume goods. In some case we can go down to less than 9 euros per pack for low cost low volume items.

Itality Group Partership

We collaborate with Itality Group specialized in Made in Italy trading to offer to: Italian SME suppliers, a distribution channel in Korea and South East Asia; Foreign Buyers a broad fashion and design object catalogue from certified Made in Italy suppliers. Visit website

ACI Express Partnership

We are the Rome branch of ACI Express, First Korean Express and E-commerce logistics services. Through ACI we can access the Korea market at a very low price with the best logistics solution possibile on the market. Through ACI network we can access also all the Asia market. They have offices throughout all the continent. Visit website

INDUSTRY SECTOR COVERAGE We handle courier services for a huge variety of industry sectors, from fashion to home design, sporting goods to automotive – let us know what you have and we’ll take care of it for you.


Home Design

Automotive parts

Food and Wine

Information Frequently Asked Questions

  • Express 2-5 days
  • Standard : 4-8 days
  • Economy 7-15 days

We always try offer always the best prices on the market.
We work a lot on the maximum utilization of the space.
This allows us to be able to differentiate the prices on the basis of the volume/weight and offer a very good price for small items that can be inserted in free left over space.
This is our main difference with other companies that are not able to do this type of analysis and work.
We acknowledge that the future of the e-commerce is to be able to send internationally under 100 euros value of goods with a reasonable transportation price.

Our team works with the suppliers to analyze the best options to reduce the custom and import tax and handling costs.
But, please note that for destinations outside the EU local customs charges could also be applied.

Please be aware that changes in fuel prices result in fluctuating costs for the transport industry, necessitating a variable fuel surcharge which may rise, fall or be removed, in line with movements in fuel prices.

Please note that all consignments are sent at owners’ own risk, and are only covered to the extent of the carrier’s maximum liability. All packages are carried under the company terms & conditions.

Your goods can be insured only if specifically agreed.

Over a combined length and width of 320cm we consider them large package and a surcharge ma be applied.

A surcharge applies to packages over 70kg or packages over the maximum length of 270cm.

Please also be aware that the maximum weight to certain international destinations is 31.5kgs due to aircraft size.

We managed Packages not delivered or refused and returns. They will be returned to the local carrier’s depot and hold there until the supplier decides what to do with the goods. An extra charge will be applied for the warehousing.

Invoices are required for Customs purposes for packages being sent outside of the EU. Our admin team can help you generate invoices on your behalf.

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