ACI Express AE Logistics and ACI Express for a global delivery

Delivery Agency

Establishment of platform for the sales in overseas through ACI’s
own network

We have our own branches worldwide offering the qualified services oriented by Korean management and the timely customer services available both in Korean and in local language. We guarantee the safe and timely services.

Minimising the risk through the expansion of ex-work logistics service

We store sellers’ valuable goods at our own warehouse and assort them per destination in order to avoid any failure of delivery, tracking and the delay creating the argument between sellers and the customers.

Offering the comprehensive and right service to the global sellers

We provide all sellers in Korea and worldwide with the professional, speedy, safe, reasonable priced services which enables all sellers to grow their business successfully.
We know the value of time attained through the easy communication, fast custom clearance, and the continued study on the market changes.
We provide you with the values through our customer system.

USA Overseas Delivery Agency

Portland: Duty free on all goods
10 percent lower tax compared to other cities such as CA

Los Angeles: Purchasing services as per request

Oregon: Major city of 구매대행 covering the middle, Chicago and Detroit etc.
The best location for the sellers located in the middle of the U.S

New Jersey: Tax free for the goods valued under USD 100
Major city covering the east of the U.S , Easy purchasing per request

E-Commerce Worldwide Services

AE Logistics and ACI’s Excellency as Delivery Agency! Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

World Wide Branch

Wholly owned branch all bilingual response

Low Price

Services offered at reasonable price

Speedy & Safety

Insurance applicable , Tracking applicable and Fast delivery

Stability System & Operation

Having inhouse programmer caring your needs