About Us International Low Cost Drop-shipping Services

Who We Are

Aelogistic mission is to help Italian Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to export, managing their entire logistics process in the most complete, simplest and cheapest way.
Our company values are to understand the needs of Italian SME, their lack of resources and experience and to give them full support through a high level service that will cover all their needs, but at an affordable price that will allow them compete on the Asian market.

As part of Itality Group we have a long experience in working with SME and retail, we know their necessities, their strength and weakness. In these years we elaborated a business model that can help them through all the selling process in an efficient and affordable way.
The logistic is one of the service Itality Group offers to its clients.

Our team is formed by a former Retail CEO and a former Retail COO of famous brands like Accessories (South Italy) and The Body Shop (Italy). Both have years of experience consulting many retail brands. Their experience allows AElogistics to offer a deep inside retail and marketing experience that can enhance the client experience through small delivery add ons.

Our team has on the Board of Directors a CEO and COO of an important Italian logistics company, and the operations are directed by a long term expert in the logistic sector.

All together we provide state-or-art services and we continuously research for out of the box solutions.

What We Do

We are good in doing three things:

  • 360 support: We support our clients through all the process. We think ahead of time what is necessary to export a good in a specific country.
    Sometimes we go even beyond our contract scope. You will never hear from us: “Sorry this is not our problem”. Our main goal is to deliver the goods, then we can discuss how to make the service even better.
  • Low cost: We know that transport cost can have a huge impact on sales. Our team continuously review the cheapest way to deliver. We do grouping to send single packs in a cheaper way. But that is not enough. When we prepare the pallet we analyze if we can fit additional small packs in the left over free space to increase the packs sent reduce the cost per pack or to be able to offer very low price for small products under 100 euros.
  • Add value to the goods: most of the team has a retail background. We know that small details can increase the perceived value of a good. A nice dust bag, a white and gold box or a poem in Italian. Our team finds creative solutions what can make customer experience even better – emotion and time wise. And we do that at very low price.
    Customer experience starts with a package which is a wonderful marketing tool. And your physical communication with customer starts here.


Itality Group

Made in Italy export company

Specialized in Import/Export of Made in Italy products, offering to Italian SME suppliers a distribution channel in Asia and South-East Asia;
And offers to Foreign Buyers a broad fashion and design object catalog from certified Made in Italy suppliers.

ACI Express

Corean Top Courier

Asian leader of express delivery with branches in Asia, USA and Europe.
Specialized in E-commerce services to support the business worldwide.

Cargo Group International

International Logisic Company

International Freight Forwarder of strong Mexican ownership, with more than 42 years of experience in Integrated and Global Logistics Solutions, with 11 offices world wide and partners in more than 120 countries around the globe. Our extensive worldwide network shortens distances, optimizes times and improves cost- efficiency  for your benefit.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Customer Satisfication

Our primary mission is to satisfy our clients, both supplier and buyers. We like to put ourselves at service of our client to help them win foreign markets.

Best option

We continuously research for the best option quality/price to offer to our partner the best option to enter a market and increase sales.

Premium Partner

We don’t look at ourselves as a supplier, but as a real business partner that looks after our client’s business as if it was ours.

Logistic and Retail Consultants

Our team has experts in both fields and that is why we can offer the best solution that keeps in account both world. A very few companies have this double expertise merged together.